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Below Points describe why market research is Important-

1. It lets you know that what is trending and what will be beneficial for your business.

2. Competitors Analysis.

3. Users requirements.

4. You can make a better plan to get success, according to market.
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Market research is a method of collecting information about your general market, competitor & rivals, customer preferences, and other demographical data. Traditionally,  market research involved the usage of study groups, observational studies, in-depth interviews, surveys, and other tools. With the advancement in the digital world and mobile technologies, Market research is evolving and allowing companies to take the advantage of a huge amount of information available through the Internet. Currently the popular practices include social media research mobile surveys and bulletin boards or forums
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Market research is an important and crucial part in every business. It plays a vital role in formulating a business plan for it determines the landscape of your target market.

Conducting a market research provides you with the demographics of your audience. They help you know who they are,and more importantly, their needs and preferences. By knowing those, it helps you strategize on the best product you can offer, a product that they will surely buy, thus more sales for your company.

It is normal and good for a company to do regular market research to be updated with trends and changes and to be able to cope with such circumstances. Aside from helping you boost your business' sales, it also avoids you from being left out by competitors.

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