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my friend is on probation and got pulled over, he had a warrant for his arrest for an unpaid speeding ticket. so with him being on probation, he was placed on a probation hold. when he got into the county jail, they searched him 3 different times. after the put him in a holding cell, they searched him twice more. they even stripped searched him, but they didn't find any drugs on him at all. he said that he was never left alone, the whole time a correction officer was with him. after the 3rd search, they sent him back into a holding cell, 15 mins later, they claim they found drugs in the trash can in the room he got searched. now they have charged him with possession and intent to sell. they did not find drugs on him, if they supposedly seen him discard the drugs, why did they not stop him right then and there? why wait 15 minutes after being sent back into the holding sell. they couldn't even show him the drugs they so called "found" in the trash. there are like numerous of people coming in and out from being searched a day. so even if they did find anything why couldn't it been someone else's. nothing is adding up. so I am wondering will these charges stick?

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