How to take care a baby if he catches cold?

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asked Aug 26, 2016 in Health and Fitness by ajohn
My baby is 2 months old, and from past one week he is having cold. I am not willing to give him antibiotics etc, so want some home remedies to cure him without side-effects. Please suggest if you know any!!

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answered Sep 12, 2016 by Ashleybennet
If your baby is 2 months old and has a cold, the best home remedy is breast milk. In fact, infants who are up to 6 months do not need any medication other than breast milk when they get cold to prevent the bacteria and virus.

Breast milk has antibodies that can help to build immunity in the baby's body to fight with bacteria, viruses and germs. In addition, it keeps your baby hydrated.

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answered Oct 3, 2016 by AmberBuddy
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