Does this girl like me?

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asked Oct 5, 2016 in Relationship Advice by anonymous
Ok so I'm in high school and i like this girl. Standard. The thing is, is that she has a long distance boyfriend that she sees like once every year. They're having more and more issues recently and of course I've been there to talk with her. We've hung out before. She even asked me to homecoming. She's been throwing some weird signals at me too. I just don't know if she wants to date me or not. She'll talk about her boyfriend and how she loves him a lot when I ask her how they are. Yet the signals she throws sometimes makes me convinced she likes me. I just don't know what to do. Any advice will be MUCH appreciated.

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answered Jul 11 by relationship tips
Sorry friend, according to your story I must say that she don't love you but not fully sure about that. How she loves if all the time she is talking about her boyfriend but to know that whether she loves you or not without ruining your current relationship follow the link below. This is the link where you get a free advice from experts about your relationship.
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answered Jul 25 by EssayVikings
I think she pulled you into the friend zone. If girl talks to you about other guys it can mean only two things: you are her boyfriend and she wants to make you jealous or you are her friend and she likes sharing her thoughts and feelings with you. As a girl, I may convince you that nothing is lost already. As you said before her boyfriend was far away from her so she simply needed attention and she wants to be loved by someone. So I can advise you to try making the first steps towards her, maybe, you are the one she needs. But after all, these love things you can write a whole love story ya. You can look here and see how it works. I search this blog always when I need some help with writing and inspiration as well.

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