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Refractory Castable which is a heat resistant concrete in effect and comes in various grades such as C1400, C1600, LC1600 Medium weight insulating.Browse Castable Refractories in the Foundry Service & Supplies, Inc. catalog including Insulating Castables,Dense Castables,Plastic Refractories.

Foundry Service offers a full line of products utilizing variables in aggregate, chemistry, aggregate grain sizing, and high purity binder systems to make high quality castables which meet specific property requirements of industrial furnace operators. These include Dense Castables, Insulating Castables, High Alumina Castables, Low Cement Castables, Gunning Castables, Rodding Castables, Gel Bonded Free Flowing Castables, Patching Castables and Plasters, and Precast Prefired Refractory Shapes. Typical installation methods include vibration casting, self-flowing, ramming, gunning, and patching / troweling.

Refractory castable containing calcium aluminate cement are used ubiquitously in a range of furnace lining application in the iron and steel, cement, glass, ceramic, and petronchemical industries. There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory. Such as ceramic fiber felt, fire brick for sale , refractory nozzle, refractory raw material. When you need any ceramic fiber products or refractory products ,welcome to contact us anytime.
Refractory castables can be used to create the monolithic linings within all types of furnaces and kilns. Do you need any refractory products ? There have many kinds of refractory products. Such as fire brick for sale, refractory materials. Welcome to view our website anytime. They can be further classified into the following sub-categories: conventional, low iron, low cement, and insulating for installation either by gunning or manually. There is a wide variety of raw materials that refractory castables are derived from, including chamotte, andalusite, bauxite, mullite, corundum, tabular alumina, silicon carbide, and both perlite and vermiculite can be used for insulation purposes.

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