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Perhaps in a certain period of time, RS team could boast that it was one of the largest free MMORPGs which is available to players. But over the years it has became increasingly clear that free to play is just a demo. Here is a suggestion of allowing f2p players access to member's skills up to level 25 which aroused heated discussions on social media.
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The Best Tips to Take Care of Your German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Have you brought a German shepherd recently at house? You must know the perfect way to take care of your pet. Having pet is a big responsibility. You should treat it like the child of your family. A German shepherd is a healthy breed dog with a lifespan of 12-16 years. Usually, they don’t have much fuss and you don’t need to get much tensed. Only few health care tips can keep your dear German shepherd healthy and bony.

1. Balanced Diet is Needed

Dog Eating From Bowl

While taking care of your German shepherd you must concentrate well on the diet of your pet.

This dog breed is very active, so include much protein in their diet. You can include chicken, mutton, beef, turkey, etc. into their diet.
You should also give them vegetables and eggs.
Try to avoid wheat, corn or rice as these are not good for their digestive system.
Try to give three full cups of food to your dog per day and always remove uneaten food from their cup after 30 minutes.
Never try to make feed any kind of additives to your German shepherd as those are not good for their digestive system and they will only become fatty.


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