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The future expansion of cement kilns in refractory materials can benefit from the promotion of similar energy conservation policies in the cement kiln, developed by the magnesium aluminum spinel, mafic spinel and mafic aluminum spinel brick in large new dry cement Brick kiln sintering belt and transition zone used to meet or exceed the magnesium chrome brick life, can replace magnesium chrome brick, significantly reduced the chromium pollution.
In the increasingly scarce national resources today, the new green and energy saving has become the purpose of the development of refractories. At present, Europe, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions due to government regulations, has been basically no chromium refractories, the use of green refractory has become an inevitable trend.There have many kinds of refractory products. Such as fire brick for sale, refractory nozzle, refractory raw material and other refractory products.

Should focus from the big, small start, face the reality, have focused, vigorously promote the user side, the production side, the R & D side, the design side of the co-operation and coordination. As a business, should strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions and user units, increase production and research cooperation efforts, in the green refractory technology to achieve new breakthroughs.

China's refractory industry, the overall level of development from the advanced green there is a certain distance. Green refractories have attracted the attention of refractories and related industries. Relevant government departments and trade associations have also developed corresponding policies and measures to encourage and promote the fire-resistant green work. China Refractories Association also believes that the second five during the development of refractory materials will show new features, its basis is to improve product quality and application level, the focus is to increase or strengthen the new content, that is, energy saving and low carbon.

The basic direction of the development of refractory fire brick technology is based on independent innovation as the basic starting point, take the refractory material design and application of scientific, production, application of fine and green, consumption reduction and resource conservation of the integration of the road to promote research and development On a new level. The innovative direction of the refractory for the cement industry is chrome-free and energy-saving.
For the understanding of green refractory materials and behavior, should be under the guidance of the concept of systematic, balanced. For the refractory industry, should be from the preparation of raw materials to the production, construction, application and post-processing in all aspects of scientific and systematic considerations, to avoid thinking and vision confined to a point or face and trade-off.

Strengthen the energy-saving emission reduction, the development of green, low-carbon refractory products, is the global green economic strategy on the refractory industry's fundamental requirements. To further promote the refractory industry, technological innovation, product structure adjustment and application of technology to enhance and vigorously develop longevity energy-saving, environmentally friendly new type of green refractory products, refractory materials industry has become a megatrends.

There have many kinds of refractory products in our factory.Such as fire brick ,magnesia carbon brick, refractory raw material, refractory nozzle and other refractory products.

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