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Losing one’s hair at a very quick pace is a reality these days because there are many factors involved and hair transplant is the clear choice when it comes to overcoming this problem. Hair transplant is a medically proven procedure which ensures new hair grows on the bald spot. But for that you would need a clinic with the best quality medical facility.

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Yes, Indeed my friend, and the qualities which are often missing in almost all hair transplant clinics in India are :
1. Medical facility
2. Support Staff
and last but not the least,
3. Certified and experienced Doctor.

However, There are still some clinics in India which fulfills all the three required credentials.
one of them is Radiance Cosmedic center.
Best part:
1. The clinic is Cost effective
2. The medical staffs are constantly trained to ensure they are up to date with any new breakthrough in this field.  Also, they are very courteous and take good care of the patients turning the entire process safe and relaxing.
3. At Radiance Cosmedic center all the surgeries are performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Mayank Singh who is the leading cosmetic surgeon in India. Along with hair transplant patients can also get the best liposuction, male breast reduction, breast enhancement, breast lift and breast reduction surgery.    
for more info you can visit : Radiance Cosmedic centre
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Apart from Qualities that are missing and mentioned in the answer, I would suggest you to look for them & some other factors that will help you to authenticate the clinic in the question:

1. The Patient Policy & Hair transplant policies.
2. Support System in After care.
3. Emergency care availability
4. Social Media Presence - It is particularly necessary in order to know activities & opinions about the clinic.

Also, there are number of things that one must know to make his/her transplant successful. There are questions that must be revised before going under the knife. I will be sharing such
 2-3 resources with you so that it can be beneficial:

1. https://www.hairtransplantmentor.com/hair-transplant-blog/ : Guidance blog
2. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog/ : patient experience
3. http://www.hairmdindia.com/blog/treatment/FUE-Hair-Transplant : Many Hair transplant related educational content

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