How to attract and retain customers with email marketing?

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answered May 11, 2017 by ryleewilliam
For escalating Email Marketing, E-mail remains the most cost-effective marketing tool, enabling you to reach people and communicate with them. Basically, E-Marketing Services includes all the process of marketing (or promoting) a brand, product or services using the Internet. It is an extremely cost-effective way to communicate with prospects and existing customers.

We at B2B Marketing Archives offer customer focused and powerful E-Marketing Solutions which allow you to form a strong virtual relationship with your existing and prospective customers. With our services, e-mail marketing is made easy, with the most intuitive, easy to use e-mail marketing platform you will find.

But there’s more to it than that. All email marketing messages must (by law) include a mechanism for your recipients to remove themselves from your list. While it is possible to do this manually, it’s labour-intensive and difficult. All reputable email marketing solutions automatically include an unsubscribe link in every email and manage the process seamlessly on your behalf.
Should I manage email marketing myself or bring in the experts?
So what email marketing software is best for small businesses?
What does email marketing do best?
Any potential pitfalls?
So, for those not already active in email marketing, where should they start?
And for those who are already active, any top tips on how to maximise effectiveness?
How can we best support email marketing to help it deliver results?
How will I know if my email marketing is working?

And finally, why do you think email marketing is so effective and so important?
Email marketing will also help you retain customer for longer and build profits over their extended lifetime.

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answered Sep 6, 2017 by wisoft
If done in the right way, email marketing is a best way to attract and retain customers. The very few ways to achieve that include sending review mails to your existing customers asking them to review their purchase, that way they will revisit your website. Webinars also work the best in attracting a lot of people. If you don’t mind taking extra efforts to win more customers then you could also send customized mail updates to your customers.
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