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• As many online marketing strategies are free like social media marketing, so online marketing is affordable at very low cost.
• Your local business is limited to a particular area but by using the internet you can easily reach to every corner of the globe.
• You can focus in on your specific target market online. So you can save time and money both by following some marketing strategies to reach to maximum people.
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1. Online marketing is a cost effective i.e low cost marketing techniques over traditional marketing.

2. Its easy to analyze the marketing effects by means of google analytics or other similar analytics tools.

3. Its two way communication and you can communicate with your visitors by means of email, comments, feedback, reviews etc.

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Nowadays most of the marketers, as well as customers, prefer online marketing because of these advantages of online marketing:-
1. Low cost of operations.
2. Great potential to reach people globally.
3. Personalized communication between marketer and customers.
4. 24/7 marketing.
5. Instant transaction services.
6. Better sales relationships.
In an online marketing, you can target more people personally with the help of SMS, and emails. According to me, SMS is the better options because everyone has mobile. You can also choose bulk SMS service to target lots of people in the single click.
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