Is it wrong if watch my brother's sex tapes?

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asked Oct 29, 2015 in Relationship Advice by anonymous

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answered Aug 5, 2016 by MikeHH
Wrong? I don't know if you can consider it wrong. But if you are considering entering the world of sex, make sure condoms are used to protect you from pregnancy and STDs. And make sure the penis is extra clean because it contains lots of odor and infection-causing bacteria that can be transferred during sex acts. An antibacterial penis health creme will help with this. Good luck.
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answered Nov 3, 2017 by NoahStorey
Of course it is wrong. I don't know if you can consider it wrong. Thanks to the internet, the days of flipping through a nude magazine to peep some action belong to a bygone era. From amateur videos and casting couches to kinky rough cuts and weird clown porn, there’s a porn website out there to please your inner fantasies.

There’s a strong argument to be made for paying for porn. It helps prevent performers’ from being exploited and supports the production of high-quality work. It also helps ensure you don’t get interrupted by buffering or have to deal with intrusive, sketchy ads. That’s the last thing your libido craves.

But if you’re just looking for a quick fix or don’t know where to start or even what you’re into, these top porn sites will help get you started. Porn can not only teach everyone few tips and tricks when it comes to real-life sex, it can also relieve stress. So spend your time wisely. is the only site that can offer you variety and quality at the same time. Here you can choose from over 750 sites organized in different categories and sorted by quality. The process is simple: you access The Porn Dude site and then you simply choose the category you feel like watching. No more embarrassing searches on the web when you want to try something a little kinkier. Everything is right there, one click away from you.

There is also another risk out there, when you go online and start jumping from one porn site to another. You never know which ones are secure and which ones are going to get your computer infected. You can even get your personal information stolen! The Porn Dude eliminates this risk, as all the selected sites are chosen according to their quality and level of safety.
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