How can i lose weight - lost money in bunch of medicines

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asked Feb 14 in Health and Fitness by tahirimran
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I am 24 years old but I look elder than my age because of my weight which is 240 pounds. I did so many efforts to get rid of obesity. I wasted a lot of money on different expensive medicines but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know how people lose weight by the help of different medications because I don’t even lose a single pound by using a bunch of expensive medicines. Instead, it affected my health in a bad way. I am facing serious health issues because of the usage of fake or generic medicines. Now I realized that it is just a wastage of money and injurious to health. But I still want to get in shape like normal girls of my age without wasting money on medicines. I don’t want to play with my life anymore by taking useless Wight loss medicines.  I want to ask how can I get a perfect figure by doing different natural home remedies or suggest me any healthy diet plan with simple exercise or really quality pharma high potential medicines which should help me out to get rid of obesity.

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answered Feb 14 by arthurbaron
However, it is up to you or your consultant or your instructor how you going to treat your obesity either by dieting or exercise or by medicines. Well my advice is if you go for exercise don’t stop it in between and don’t forget a daily morning walk and if you go for a medicine, first consult your doctor or if you pick medicine by yourself then do read its labels and precautions and side effects. I think you haven’t tried phentermin yet you can try it. It has a good reputation in market and popular for its effectiveness. For quality medicine, You can buy phentermin from here.
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answered Mar 6 by rashidmalik
I think you should follow the natural weight loss tips. because the natural weight loss is one of the safest ways to get rid of obesity.
here are some most effective ways for it:
- Increase the Protein Content in Your Diet
- Stop Eating Junk and Processed Foods
- Reduce Sugar Intake
- Drink Adequate Water
- Regular Exercise
- Undergo Regular Checkup
also get the Obesity causes & prevention:
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answered 5 days ago by Emanuel Mattox
There are several ways that are available through which you can lose your weight fastly. If you want to reduce your weight naturally then these are some points which will help you to lose your weight easily:-
1. Cut back on sugars and starches.
2. Eat protein, fat, and green vegetables.
3. Do some exercise on the regular basis.

If you want to lose your weight instantly then I would suggest you to take sarms products because it will help you a lot to lose your weight. If you want to know the list of sarm products then click here :
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answered 5 days ago by Jin Kazama
I advise first to determine your body type (endomorph ectomorph mesomorph), after which you can find a lot of advice on proper nutrition. This is a working algorithm, which has already been tested by millions of athletes and ordinary people. You need to find a balance in which your body will be in better shape. The main thing, put more effort and you will get the expected result.
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