Badge List

The following is a list of all badges available on this site:
Verified Human Successfully verified email address x3985
Profile Completed Filled out all profile fields x656
Avatar Uploaded Uploaded an avatar image x799
Good Question Question received +3 upvote x5
Excellent Question Question received +7 upvote
Awesome Question Question received +10 upvote
Good Answer Answer received +3 upvote
Excellent Answer Answer received +7 upvote
Awesome Answer Answer received +10 upvote
Best Answer 1 answer selected as best answer x6
10+ Best Answers 10 answers selected as best answer
30+ Best Answers 30 answers selected as best answer
Thankful Selected 1 answer as best answer x6
Extra Thankful Selected 20 answers as best answer
Super Thankful Selected 50 answers as best answer
Actively Asking Asked 5 questions x46
Slick at Asking Asked 25 questions x8
Asking Hero Asked 100 questions x1
Actively Answering Posted 5 answers x62
Slick at Answering Posted 25 answers x6
Answering Hero Posted 100 answers
Reader Read total of 20 questions x35
Avid Reader Read total of 100 questions x3
Devoted Reader Read total of 200 questions x1
Every Day / 7 Days Visited every day for 7 consecutive days x6
Every Day / 30 Days Visited every day for 30 consecutive days x1
Every Day / 180 Days Visited every day for 180 consecutive days
100 Club Received total of 100 points x2
1,000 Club Received total of 1000 points x1
10,000 Club Received total of 10000 points
10 Badge Club Received total of 10 badges
50 Badge Club Received total of 50 badges
100 Badge Club Received total of 100 badges
63 total badges, 5629 awarded in total
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