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I am going to Kmart with friends who said it is good for things around the house. Is there anything you recommend I shouldn't walk out without buying. I am looking ooking for those Kmart must buys for making a new home more personal.

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Taking care of your Dog

Shih Tzu are basically indoor dogs, they would occasionally enjoy a playing session in the backyard but don’t even consider keeping him in an outside kennel. He is happy to follow you around wherever you go and always check your steps around the house because the pups are small and hard to see and they are going to follow you everywhere, even inside the bathroom. They don’t need much exercise as they aren’t really an active breed, walking around the house and playing with a few toys is enough. It is always recommended that you don’t adopt a Shih Tzu puppy when you have a kid in the house, because the puppy might get hurt. The food your dog eats depends on its size, weight, build etc., so expecting a general food value to work with your dog is wrong, check his needs and feed him accordingly.
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