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While the reality of school violence is a sad and heartbreaking commentary our society, today’s school administrators and IT teams need to be prepared to deal with and respond to campus violence. Emergency Notification Systems have become an invaluable tool for IT professionals, school administrators and campus safety pros to respond to on-campus incidents.
An emergency notification System is one such invention of humankind, which is also referred by the terms as “Emergency Messaging System” or “Emergency Mass Notification System”. Visit https://ifollow.com/school-violence-campus-alerts/ to know more about school mass notification system. It is vital for an individual as well as for an organization as this shall generate emergency notifications out in cases of a missed or a pending deadline to be achieved.
Owing to such vital usage of the voice broadcasting, the young technical freaks have come up with various applications, which can be easily downloaded onto one’s system and can be utilized for efficient operation of tasks.
The use of such emergency notification system applications proves very beneficial to the individuals as well as an organization. Its advantages can be summarized as:
1    Multi-channel system to enable better communication
2    Faster delivery of instant messages to promote better work productivity
3    Communication transmission from anywhere to anytime evaluation
4    A Feedback-enabled system to enhance efficiency into the work environment.
5    Smart use of web-based services to enable the optimum use of trending technology
6    Location-specific emergency alerts can be set up using the GIS mapping.
7    A simplified system to enable ease of use by the users.
While few things during disasters tend to go perfectly, I’m extremely proud that, thanks to our school’s virtual format, TOPS remained opened and served our students well during the hurricane and subsequent floods

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