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7 practical and proven ways to drive more traffic to your e-commerce site:
1) Invest in Google AdWords
2)Premium Content
3)Leverage SEO
4)Start a Referral Program
5)Submit Guest Blogs
6) Email Marketing
7)Video Content + Social Media
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There are many ways through which you can increase traffic on your website but the purpose is to bring right traffic such as people who want to join your mailing list, who are interested in your content or niche and those who want to become your customers.
These simple steps will help you to increase traffic on your e-commerce site.
•    Build your list
•    Coordinate with influencers
•    Start blogging more often
•    Offer Giveaway
•    Link your Ecommerce site with your social
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Leverage SEO for both on page and off page to increase the traffic o your page.
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Content Marketing

Publishing valuable content frequently and consistently is an effective way to drive traffic to your online store. Posting information, news and entertainment that's relevant to your industry helps to establish your credibility as an industry expert and encourages people to visit your online store without the pressure of making a purchase decision.

Search Engine Optimization

As you generate quality content, it’s important to think about how your target audience will find your content. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play. Improving how your online store ranks in search engines helps to increase the number of potential leads that visit your site.

Email Marketing

Nobody enjoys being bombarded by promotional emails. However, a targeted and personalized approach to email marketing can be a powerful tool to increase site traffic. Creating a personalized experience with your brand through contact management and segmentation can ensure that your customer base is receiving emails they will love.

PPC Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns have the ability to drive traffic to your online store from a variety of sources. Purchasing keywords with providers such as Google Ads can increase your traffic from search engines. While high search volume keywords may seem the most effective way to increase traffic, prioritizing commercial intent keywords will ensure that traffic increases will simultaneously increase conversion rates.

Get Real Traffic

There are many service providers out there who help in increasing real traffic and some of them are actually extremely great, I am saying this because this is how I drive traffic to my own website. The service provider, i buy traffic from, is Simpletraffic.co (https://simpletraffic.co). They help me to gets sales and signups on a daily basis. By following this tip, Within short period of time, your website can generate revenue and website will received more clicks than ever. So, I’ll recommend buying traffic from them.

Affiliate Marketing

Participating in an affiliate program can increase your site traffic by leveraging the audiences of relevant companies. Affiliate marketing entails offering a commission on generated sales in exchange for positive reviews and word-of-mouth marketing services. This allows you to take a hands-free approach with low risk.

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