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Python version 3 is best for data science beginners because the python 2 development period has been stopped.
Python is a multi-paradigm programming language: a sort of Swiss Army knife for the coding world. It supports object-oriented programming, structured programming, and functional programming patterns, among others. There’s a joke in the Python community that “Python is generally the second-best language for everything.”

But this is no knock in organizations faced with a confusing proliferation of “best of breed” solutions which quickly render their codebases incompatible and unmaintainable. Python can handle every job from data mining to website construction to running embedded systems, all in one unified language.

At ForecastWatch, for example, Python was used to write a parser to harvest forecasts from other websites, an aggregation engine to compile the data, and the website code to display the results. PHP was originally used to build the website until the company realized it was easier to only deal with a single language throughout.


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