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Every day we're constantly standing, walking, running and using our feet. Sometimes I feel a bad pain in my feet and it's very common if you are a busy person. Let's see about massage away foot pain with at home remedies.

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I think it has benefits, beyond just feeling good. Reflexology is the idea that our feet, hands, and ears are linked to other parts of the body. (It is largely accepted that teeth do this also, but not so much feet, etc.) I'd been working as a massage therapist for a year or so, but still wasn't terribly experienced, when a coworker was getting ready to do a reflexology session and put on a vid to review the basics.

That day I had an intractable migraine. Nothing I had tried had worked, including caffeine, strong meds (Darvon N-100), or a chiropractic adjustment. The next step would have been ER for Demerol. So, nothing to lose, I followed the vid doing to myself what was being done on the vid (in the head/neck area). In no more than 10 minutes the migraine was gone. I walked around in shock. I kept saying, "l don't even believe in this stuff." At that time I considered reflexology a "fu-fu," feel-good-but-not-really-beneficial, non-therapeutic modality. I changed my mind.

And I mostly do medical massage. There are things I can do for the feet to alieviate pain in gait (though not permanent change, but a few days of relief). After becoming a massage therapist, I've learned there are so many modalities that make no sense to me logically, but do provide benefits. From Kathryn Roux Dickerson

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