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Any jobseekers profile is scanned for a variety of things, amongst which is the element of “additional certifications or credits”. These additional certifications that you have attended on campus or off tell a potential employer of additional skills that you have acquired in the course of doing your MBA.
In today’s job market every additional certification or skill acquired takes you that much closer to a job offer. RCMB, amongst the top MBA colleges in Bangalore, offers the students a variety of courses and prides itself on the veracity of these courses. RCMB amongst the premium MBA colleges in Bangalore impresses upon the students the significance of these certifications as they are preparing for the job market. Having a Bangalore University MBA is prestigious and an achievement in itself, however certifications along with the MBA are what makes you more valuable to employers and confident of your job skills.

Some of the courses that add value from the career perspective are:

Courses in chartered financial analysis
Financial risk management
And even project management
Digital marketing and many more

In addition, RCMB takes puts in a huge effort in attracting the best institutions that provide training in additional areas of communication, team building, and project management concepts that you can implement through your incubation cell. Furthermore, you can rest assured, the courses offered at RCMB are selected based on what employer/market demands are.

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