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Common Gateway Interface or Python CGI is a set of Terms and Conditions that Explains, how Data is transferred between a Script and Webserver. This Interface accepts a web browser to send an Input and Output of Python Programs to a web browser. Designing a web interface is similar to designing a GUI.

CGI is a protocol for web servers to deliver an output of console apps, known as Command-line Interface. A CGI script is like a Python Script that is similar to PERL script, shell script, or C-programming.

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1.Python CGI Programming:
In this programming concept, an HTTP server appeals to a Python CGI Code. So we can process a user Input, with an HTML <FORM>.

This script stays at the CGI-bin directory. For any requests, the server sends the Data about it, with the client’s Hostname. Similarly, Suggested URL, query-string, and other Data in Script shell location. It compiles the code and transfers the output to the user.

The input of the code communicates with the user, and Server in some cases and it reads the data in this way. In some other cases, it sends requested data with a Query string, with the section of the URL. A Query has data, that do not fit in the Architectural path.

Python libraries and CGI modules manage the Situations and Guide the Debugging Scripts. Therefore, we can expect a Python CGI script output. It supports Debug scripts. In the present version, it gives us support for uploading Documents.


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