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There are many people who live with the burden of being alcoholic or drug addict. Some of them are not able to help themselves and some never look for any sort of help from rehabilitation centers or halfway homes. Addiction is a deadly disease that affects the victim and the people who are around. But some addicts realize that with the help of some strict programs this disease can be cured and then they look for halfway homes. These homes are certainly better than rehab centers as rehab centers follow strict method which may not suit to every drug or alcoholic victim.
Halfway house is often referred as addiction recovery house. This is a special home that facilitates addicts to stay here for a period of time and get proper guidance to get rid of the disease. After they are cured they can be released from this facility with the consent of home management and the related doctors. The reasons that halfway homes operate for is to offer addicts a hope and way to make a peaceful entrance to the normal society.
Halfway homes follow some strict rules that are structured for the betterment of the victims, which include:-
No such things are allowed into the territory of home which can alter the mood of a victim

No drinking and smoking on the halfway home property

Written application required to invite relatives into the allotted rooms

The person is solely responsible for cooking and cleaning his/ her own room

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