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EnglishLeap.com provides Hindi to English Translation exercises with the quizzes. With their exercises you can easily practice Hindi to English Translation. And with the help of Quizzes you can practice how much you have learnt to improve your English.

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You have to make sure that everything is in their proper places to avoid delays and repeated works.   Always inform the project managers. It is important that you always inform the project manager about the things that you want to happen to your project translation. Like for example, there are documents that don't need translation because it was being translated already, but you have to include it right there for better understanding of the text by the translator. So you have to make sure that the project manager knows this section that doesn't need translation.
Don't settle for anything less. You have to always remember that professional language translation services have different companies that offer different services and levels. http://translationcalifornia.com/certified-translation-services.php
You have to know their industry and specialization, and the pairs of language they offer. In dealing with professional services in this industry, you have to bear in mind that you will never settle for anything less. Never put a few dollar savings in jeopardized to the quality and accuracy of the translation.

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