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Financial Sector – It is one of the lucrative professions that hardly get affected by recession compared to other job sectors. Usually financial jobs depend on the market cycles.

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Yes i am currently very sucessful. I earn through best team of experts in loan Checkout https://www.loanmarket.co.nz/. Loan Market brings you an extensive range of major residential, commercial and business bank and secure lenders. Loan Market’s 100-adviser strong team in New Zealand is part of a network of 1,000 advisers across Australasia.
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For having career in finance it is very necessary for the candidate to have a knowledge in finance and must be professional over it. Finance jobs( http://www.monsterindia.com/finance-jobs.html ) are very easy to cater. You can just visit job portals and can upload your resume to get jobs. and also you will be eligible of getting job alerts via emails, texts and phone calls.
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Financial profession can be best in anywhere in the world. I live in Auckland and working at Financial advisory service company http://www.globalfinance.co.nz. In New Zealand, financial advisory can be independent profession. You can earl good money and respect , if you work in Financial industry. Cheers
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I like to suggest you to opt for "on the job training with stipends" in finance related company, which will definitely help you in getting permanent employment in finance sector.

Govt. of India launched a scheme known as NEEM Scheme - A on the job training program with stipends to enhance your employability and after completion of training, you can easily get desired employment. For more information visit: http://clrskills.com/national-employability-enhancement-mission/

NEEM Stands for National Employability Enhancement Mission - A Govt of India initiative to enhance employability of Indian youths.

In this scheme, NEEM Agents formulate on the job training program in consultation with industry for their present and future skill sets requirements, pick interested NEEM Trainees for the program, arrange on the job training in industry concerned. After completion of program, industry will be pleased to hire NEEM Trainees because the are skilled in their required skill sets.

What is NEEM Scheme? Known in details here: http://clrskills.com/blog/what-is-neem-scheme/
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If you are good in playing with numbers then you can make a good career in finance.
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well said,
I want to add this:
1. Stand out from the crowd in job applications.
2. Build your professional networks efficiently.
3. Write a perfect and outstanding Cover letter and Resume/CV.
4. Get ready for an interview successfully.
5. Prepare for a job interview questions.
6. Find your career path in finance.
7. Decide which qualification you need to get your desired job.

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