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I feel that that acquiring a dog from Craig's List Online Service is completely good if they're rehoming the dog, perhaps not trying to sell it. Also they have no other option than to rehome the dog, explanations like "we're expecting" or "he's tearing stuff up" is not sufficient for me. I don't trust obtaining pups from Craigslist unless it really is an 'oops' kitty but also then the owners are by permitting a lady in warmth by an intact male, completely reckless.

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What is a Puppies Rescue?

A puppies rescue is just like a dog rescue except they typically focus on rescuing only a certain breed of puppy. They are similar to humane societies, but they usually have foster parents for their dogs and do not keep them in a shelter. These foster parents volunteer to take care of the puppies until a suitable home is found for them and they are adopted out. Many of these foster parents end up keeping a puppy or two if a home cannot be found for them.

Many puppies that are found by puppy rescues were abandoned and neglected. Some are taken in because the owner could not afford the puppies so they dumped them.

Puppy rescues are a great place to find purebred puppies for a very low price. The rescues are far more concerned in finding them good homes than they are with making money. Almost all puppy rescues are non-profit organizations so the fees they charge are used for food, grooming and veterinary care. If you decide to get a puppy from a puppy rescue you can rest assured that it has a clean bill of health. They make sure that all puppies are in good health, spayed or neutered are are up to date on all necessary vaccinations. They also give them flea and tick treatments. Since these puppies are in foster homes, most of them are housebroken as well.
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