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Owing to the steep competition among marketers, one fact that can be stated is companies that have managed to satisfy their clients by maintaining positive customer relationship, are the ones to attain success early as compared to the ones who haven’t.

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Improved Sales Efficiency- With click-to-dial employees save 15-30 seconds a dial and never dial a wrong number. That means more calls per day and more opportunities to sell.
Personal Service- Inbound screen pops let agents know who's calling before they pick up the phone, making it easy to provide immediate, personal service.
Accurate Record Keeping- When CRM Link is used to take or make a call, entering call notes into is automatic. Your team can focus on customer interaction, yet records will always be complete and up to date.
Adoption- Integration increases adoption because it becomes part of the process of making the call, not something that needs to be updated later.

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