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The features, along with overall quality and power, and the main things that dictate the price of a vacuum. Of course, certain brands are able to charge more because they’re popular or have great reputations, on top of everything else. When you’re buying a vacuum, you don’t want to just be paying for a name, but sticking to reputable brands is a good idea none the less.

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Shih Tzu The lion you can pet

The meaning of the name Shih Tzu is Little Lion. Going by the name, you might expect a creature with a huge body, powerful limbs and claws that are made to tear the flesh off of its preys, but in reality Shih Tzu are anything but fierce, this breed of dogs is very calm and cuddly. They love to follow you around your house and are almost always happy and outgoing. They are a joy to have around your house and instantly make the atmosphere calm and joyous.

History of this breed

Although many mixed breeds are available nowadays, the main Shih Tzu breed’s roots can be tracked back to about 8000 B.C. It has been speculated by a few researchers that this breed of dogs are among the 14 oldest breeds on this planet. It is a popular belief that this breed was developed as a gift for the Chinese royal family by the Tibetan Monks. The breed is said to have come from cross breeding other species with Pekingnese or the Lhasa Apso. Though the actual breeding history is a bit muddy, we do have many paintings or stories dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) describing small dogs which have quite a few similarities with Shih Tzu.

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