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you can use Good Quality Paint
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I think you can use any color coating like clear coat in order to protect the color of your car.
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Always work in a shaded area and on a cool surface.
To begin your wax or paint sealant application process, start at the top surfaces of your car. ...
When you are finished applying your car wax or paint sealant to the entire car you will need to wait for it to cure and bond with the paint.
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Protecting a car paint is very easy process.
Park in the right place:
First of all, park your car in the shaded area or in a garage to prevent vanishing and also damage from the sun. But if you can not keep your car in a protected area, then use a car cover to protect the paint.
Keep extra car paint:
Keep a matching touch-up paint to fix any minor scratches when you see first time.
Wash your car:
You have to wash your car on a regular basis to keep dust to a minimum level.
Wax your car:
After that you need to wax your vehicle for any period of time for best protection. You can use high quality wax.
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