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My friend is "dating" this guy I used to have a crush on. The reason I put that in " is because he just asked her out last night. I asked her if hey were really dating because the girl that told me about them lies sometimes. She said "Kind of" so I asked her what she meant by that and she said its complicated and it won't last long... and that he knows that too. Apparently that was the point of it. Again I said "that doesn't make any sense, what are you talking about?" then she said "I can't tell you" What did she mean by that????

P.S. The guy she is dating now also had a crush on me (according to my sister)

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All I can offer here is a reminder to use condoms if you become sexually active. You should really make your man use an antibacterial penis health creme every day too. This will keep his penis extra-clean and will decrease the chances of a bacteria transfer to you during sex acts that usually don't involve a condom (i.e. oral). Hope this helps and good luck.

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