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I am creative blogger and have many ideas to share. However, somethimes it is a bit problematic for me to structurize my article. Probably you know a good tutotial on how to improve my writing skills? Thanks in advance!

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Good question. So it means that you are not only interested but you want to improve the skills you have already got. I know that at Prime Writings site you will be assisted by the team of the professional writes. They are always happy to share their tips.
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I think that you should use different writing tips more often. For example, https://writemypaper4me.org/blog/research-paper-outline will help you with writing some research. Also you can look for blogger tips!
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To draft your ideas in a structured manner so that it could engage your audience, read out some tips for writing articles mentioned on below links.

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Just practice 4-5 pages daily and i can guarantee you can improve your writing skills.
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Few tips are given below:
Expand your vocabulary
Master English spelling
Read regularly
Improve your grammar
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Here are given 7 easy ways to improve your writing skill:

1.  Brush Up on the Basics
2.  Write Like It’s Your Job
3.  Read Like It’s Your Job
4. Join a Workshop or Take a Night Class
5. Dissect Writing That You Admire
6. Don’t Be Afraid to Say What You Think
7. Do Your Research

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