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Tbh I don´t like anything related to intimacy or relationships.
This guy asked me, why I´ve never had my first kiss (I said i didn´t feel like it).
Also he was "giving" advice with a problem that I had with a previous guy. (I liked the previous guy, but he had a girlfriend).
He told me that I should kiss him with or without his girlfriend. (I nod, still, i wouldn´t do such a thing).
I was wearing shorts, and he put his hand on my leg, I laughed (when I´m nervous, I laugh).
I said, what are you doing?
He said, you´ll do it with your boyfriend.
Then he moved his hand closer.
We were sitting next to each other, he had a blanked and he used it; he put his blanket on top of our legs.
I said no while laughing, he thought I was joking.
He said, come on, just once.
I said no, and then he put his hand on top of my short, he squeezed a little bit. I said, stop.
And he said, did it hurt? I said, no.
He touched me again, I said, stop.
He grabbed my hand and put it on top of his underwear, I could feel his penis, I was so uncomfortable I froze and didn´t move. He grabbed my hand again and started moving it, he was trying to masturbate with my hand.
He left my hand and put his hand on top of my shorts, he started to masturbate me... I begged him to stop, but all he wanted was pleasure...
Now I feel, dirty, awful, disgusted, and just wondering, what did I do wrong?
Was it my fault? Did i deserve it? Did he abuse me?

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