How can I use LinkedIn in order to increase sales in a B2B SaaS venture?

Linkedin is the most popular platform for B2B marketer, so how we can utilize linkedin in proper way to make most out of it, How linkedin is helping to increase more leads as B2B saas venture?
Category: Business
Just consider how LinkedIn enables you to: Discover new prospects and leads via the SmartSearch feature: LinkedIn’s advanced search feature provides a fast and easy way for you to find new prospects and leads who are most likely to respond positively to your messages. Learn to maximize the fields to your advantage—if for example, you are looking to connect with decision-makers in your specific niche and industry, you might want to narrow down your search by using the following fields: Select: People Keyword: marketing Title: Marketing manager Relationship: 2nd connections & Group members (this way, you already have an existing connection with your prospect) Industry: Retail Function (This filter is only available for premium accounts): Manager Seniority level: (Available only for premium accounts): Manager, VP, or CXOTry it today, you’d be surprised at how specialized and narrow your final list of prospects turn out to be. This is a powerful tool that allows you to target specific people with customized content that are likely to catch their interest.

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