Do Regional College of Management, Bangalore provide campus accommodation?

Does Regional College of Management, Bangalore provide campus accommodation?
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Regional College of Management, located in Bangalore provides hostel privileges to both boys and girls. A safe distance separates both the hostels. The college authorities make sure that the distance from hostel and college is not too far. Since the college is situated at the heart of the city, the travelling distance from college and hostel are safely guarded. The college itself provides food. The college does the food up and drops facility to the hostels. Food is cooked in a hygienic environment, so it is safe for us to consume. The food consumed here is tasty and can be consumed daily. There is both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food option available on the menu. This is a plus point for the existing students and newbies who wish to start college. Food provided is up to the mark for daily three meals. The rooms are allotted to the student by the college itself. They also give the students the privilege for a room change if it is not up to their expectation. The cost of the rooms differs according to their sizes. You can be allotted by 2 or 3 roommates, depending on what kind of room you allotted. Hostel fees are not too high or too low. Middle-class people can also afford the rent. The college provides transportation for the students residing in the hostels. They are picked and dropped from hostel to college and then back to the hostel in the presence of a college authority. Since The Regional College of Management is situated in one metropolitan city, the main focus should be on the college and hostel safety. This top B school assure safety for all the students studying and residing near the campus. The hostel is safely guarded by security guards and does not allow strangers to enter the plot. Whether it is girls’ or boys’ hostel, the place is heavily guarded 24/7. While travelling to and from hostel to college, there is always one person in authority present along with the students. Moreover, the pick-up and drop facility is free since the college arranges it. Shower facility is provided to every room. There are no multiple booths to take a shower resulting in chaos. Overall the students can comfortably stay and complete studies successfully.

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