Accommodations provided by Regional College of Management, Bangalore is off-campus. However, the distance between the college and hostel is not too long or tiring. The college provides hostel facility for both male and female. Both the hostel is beautifully built, and living here would only cheer happiness. The rooms provide the hostel is like a 1 BHK. However, the rooms you get depend on the college authorities, but they provide you with an option to change it after. The rooms have comfy beds and a shower of their avoiding communal showers. The hostel corridors are kept squeaky clean and make want to stay over and over. The environment in the hostel is friendly for both boys and girls. Different buildings separate the boys and girls hostel. The access to these building is safely guarded, and exits are provided for all the floors. There are no issues like frequent water cuts or electricity out. The Infrastructure of these hostels is built immaculately, as I mentioned earlier. The rooms are spacious enough for all of your stuff and leaving room for your fellow roommates. The rooms are also available in AC if the students demand an upgrade. The cost also varies depending on which room you are residing in. The hostels provide various facilities like a washing machine, Wi-Fi, 4 times food, etc. These facilities make you feel like home or even better than your home. The Wi-Fi is available 24/7 so that students can work for their projects or research or your daily entertainment. Students wishing to go out for a quality time, the malls, parks, or grocery stores are within the hostels' area circle. Students do not have to worry about travelling afar for simply buying your toiletries or just to enjoy movies. When parents ought to leave their children in a hostel surrounded by strangers, the important aspect is safety. How their daughter/son is is safe in this environment? The hostels are heavily guarded. While transportation for safety, an authority figure seems to present all the time. The hostel environment is vast, which allows students to spread their wings nasty explore. Networking in a fast environment like this can help you get through those 2-3 years of college. The rooms in the hostel are also attached with a balcony. A balcony to sit and relax after a hectic day. For emergencies, the hospitals are located right near the vicinity.
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