What are some dressing tips for men?

Anyone help me out with dressing tips for men.
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Less is more, always !!! Pick clothes that flatter your bodytype. Wear colours that enhance your features. ask a color consultant if necessary to know your colour palet: Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. Abstain from items that scream “I want to seem younger/older!!!”. you'll get the reversed effect. Invest during a capsule collection wardrobe. One or two pairs of jeans, V-neck jumpers in timeless colours, shirts with nice finishings and a minimum of one clean cut suit. When finished dressing, go substitute front of a mirror and deduct the item that immediately jumps out. confirm you wear your clothes, not the other way around . a contemporary man wants to be properly dressed, not appear as if he's getting to some masquerade party. Invest in two pairs of dress shoes; one brown and one black pair. Keep them well polished and in fine condition . they're going to last longer and make an honest impression. Women notice this! Throw out everything that not fits, has stains or is broken . Throw out your socks every six months and buy new pairs. People overlook this but socks wear out easily and suffer from contact with ( sweaty ) feet. Stay away from sweaters or t-shirts with statements, big logos or silly expressions. you're not sixteen. Have fun and experiment with combinations. After a short time you'll learn what suits you and what doesn’t work Shop latest fashionable apparel for men from LinenClub.com


Hi, Everyone thinks women do more shopping, while the truth is men do more online shopping than a women. For mens fashion is different than women as they have got a less styles but you must know which style you can create by just making a little changes to the wearing style and accessorize well. You can also check the link

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