Ideally located, India has huge scope in the field of solar energy. With an average of 300 clear and sunny days in a year, the amount of energy we receive from the sun is tremendous. This has various applications in our daily life and can prove to be highly beneficial not only for us as individuals but for the entire country and for our planet as well. It can prove to be very beneficial to a country like ours if put to the right use. A few of the many benefits of switching to solar energy have been listed below and hopefully this convinces you to shift over if you haven’t already. 1. Cost efficient 2. It is an inexhaustible source of energy 3. Clean source of energy and environment friendly 4. Reliability 5. Multipurpose 6. Conserves foreign exchange 7. Maintenance free 8. Tax breaks Are some of the major benefits of solar power. If you are looking to gain this benefits contact SunEdison the best solar company in India that offers distributed solar energy across residential, commercial/industrial, rural segments and other emerging technologies.

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