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answerhighway.com Usage Terms and Conditionsanswerhighway.com has been established so the community can ask and share questions about building, operating and promoting websites. We have established a simple set of rules that govern the use of this site and services within.


Before you can become a member of answerhighway.com and contribute content to the site you must supply a valid working email address. Each member is responsible to ensure their information is up to date. Members found to have an invalid e-mail address may have their account deleted or posting rights removed. answerhighway.com will remove accounts with an e-mail address returning auto email responders, click to validate email receipts and similar messages. Sharing your password with other members can allow them to contribute to the site on your behalf. To protect other community members and yourself from potential harm or embarrassment we insist you do not share your password with anybody. answerhighway.com accepts no liability for damage caused by shared passwords or sharing accounts. Keep it private to protect the integrity of your personality!


The following will not be accepted at answerhighway.com: Encouraging or demonstrating illegal activities Content not suitable to be seen by children Content selling, promoting or encouraging the use of illegally acquired software or stolen goods Content encouraging or assisting people to participate in betting or gambling Content written to encourage or cause physical or psychological damage Abusive language, excessive use of UPPERCASE (shouting), POSTING QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The following are extra rules that apply when posting questions: You must ask a question for people to answer and not make a statement. You must not use multiple accounts to answer or vote on your own question. The following are extra rules that apply when posting answers: You must answer the question and not reply with another question. You must keep your answer on the exact topic of the question. You must not use multiple accounts to vote on your own question.


Each member is responsible for the management of their own profile including an avatar image, wall posts and other areas of the site that allow the member to modify. If at any time you wish to have your account removed it can be done by email request by contacting us. When a member account is terminated AnswerHighway.com reserves the right to retain and continue to publish any content that is not a personal identifier including questions, answers and comments.