What is the importance of Vasthu in premium luxury villas?

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For a premium luxury villa, common architectural structure and vasthu is very important. Some Vastu system is very dependent and they have to build villa according to the belief. The kitchen has a separate vasthu for everything like the prayer room and it has to be set up properly. All the builders give importance to that. Most of the people believe that if Vastu is wrong there will be some problems in the house, so all the villas need to do it right.

Vaastu Shastra has played an important role in shaping up the science and aesthetics of home décor in India. When it comes specifically to the main door or entrance of the home, there is much that Vaastu prescribes in order to attract positivity into the home. The direction of kitchen, faucet, pooja room, bathroom, study room, bedroom everything has it's desired location according to vaastu. So some things must be followed while constructing or selecting a home. 1. The direction of the main door - The main door of your home should face the north, north-east, east or west direction. 2.The materials used to build the main door -A wooden door is the ideal choice for the main door in your house. 3.Decorative items in the doorway – The entrance to your home should always be brightly lit; however, avoid using red lights. – Avoid placing a dustbin or any broken or dysfunctional items in the doorway. You can visit this informational blog for more tips - Vaastu Tips For The Main Door/Entrance by goel ganga developments

The importance of vasthu in today homes like luxury villas are the positive aspect they bring to the home.There are believers and non believers for vasthu.You can choose to accept it or ignore it. You can always discuss this with your agent or builders while buying it. I brought my villas in kottayam from ponmankal builders after a detailed discussion about everything including vasthu.

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